Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · The Winning Power of Friendships

The day Arturo Sandoval joined the cross-country team, he wasn’t thinking about making friends. “I thought the team would be like school…you see each other, maybe even work together on a group project, but you’re not really friends. But this is different…we are a really close-knit team. We have bonded so well.” Arturo is one of the many athletes that were pleasantly surprised by how the team felt like family and friendships came easily.

Today, Crawford Colts finished off a perfect season in style with a decisive win for the boys, 3rd place for the girls, and Nader Ali as Men’s City League Champion (See full results here). On the men’s side, we placed 5 runners in the top 15, and 1 runner in the top 15 for the girls (Ruby Dircio, 5th place). Islam made a valient effort to arrive in the top 15, but finished 16, although she had a huge PR!  Luis Anastasio also missed top 15 by less than 1 second.

The championship, however, is merely icing on the cake. More powerful is the journey that we have traveled together to arrive at this point…the hill workouts, the mile repeats, the long runs, and the friendships and stories that were created as we worked together as a team. These friendships extend beyond practice, as do the character traits developed by cross country (delayed gratification, resilience, loyalty, and perseverance to name a few). The new arrival refugee runners have found fast friends in students that were already here, creating a diverse and fun-loving group that really cares for each other. They cheer each other on in the races, bring each other food, and have each other’s backs when it comes to juggling the life of a student-athlete.

The season isn’t over yet..come cheer with us 8AM, November 19th at Morley Field for the CIF Championships!