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Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Crawford XC Runners are tenacious at Mt. Carmel Invite

New shoes on your feet makes your feet happy while running.  The average runner would stop if they lost a shoe mid-race, not our Colts, especially not our captain, Erik Cisneros, who ran an entire mile without the left one!  He leads by example.  “The reason I didn’t stop was because I didn’t want to let myself or anyone down.  I wanted to finish the race so I kept going.  I was really surprised to see my time when I crossed the finish line.  I had to double check to make sure it was correct” said captain Erik.

This tenacity that captain Erik showed was contagious the rest of the day.  Below is recap of Saturday’s labor in the Cross Country course at Mt. Carmel.

Overall Team Recap
From all of the San Diego Section Division 4 teams that competed on Saturday, a Hypothetical Meet through shows that we were the best team overall.

From our League Teams, the Hopothetical Meet shows our friends from Hoover ahead of us.

Senior Girls
Ruby Dircio was our first lady Colt to compete this year.  Seven more ladies await their turn as they are patiently waiting to get fit for racing.  Dircio was strong on the course.  Her time on Saturday was 1 second faster than what she ran at CIF Finals last year.  If her training goes well this year, she will be challenging for an individual spot at the State meet in November.

Senior Boys plus studs from other grades
8th out of 23 schools from California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona.  Adjusting an early mistake of starting too slow, our boys made up a lot of ground in the second and third mile.  Nader Ali (11th grade, earned a medal) returned to wear our blue singlet with pride.  He passed 90 runners from mile 2-3.  Mandela Matuta (10th grade, earned a medal) and Isaq Moalim (12th grade, earned a medal) placed high enough to place us well.  Byaombe Mloko (10th grade) did not compete due to immigration commitments.

Junior Boys
It was in this race where 2 out of 3 best performances of the day came from.  Justin Duhimbaze (earned a medal) is staying consistently with his racing tactics as he crossed the first mile in 5:28, 10 seconds faster than any of the 5 Colts who were ahead of him.  Arturo Sandoval (earned a medal) also started in a blistering fashion and made our top 7 for the first time in the season.

Sophomore Boys
3rd out of 21 teams.  The Sophomore boys placed ahead of schools such as Mt. Carmel, Cathedral Catholic, and Del Norte.  Those three schools are consistently ranked in the top 5 at the State level.  Cathedral Catholic made it to the National Meet last year with their varsity team.  The future is bright for these boys.  In two years, the group will be aspiring to make it to the National meet.  This team was led by Alembe Mloko (earned a medal) who was the 3rd best performer of the day.  Other sophomores that earned medals are Ayman Toto and Machumbe Esube.  Sha Reh competed in his very first XC meet.

Freshman Boys
Saw Kay made a rookie mistake by going out too fast.  After about one mile Saw was in a lot of pain.  He dug into his mental toughness for the rest of the race and was able to finish.  Saw will keep learning as the season goes on.

Senior Boys
Official Team Scores

1. Mt Carmel                           58
2. Del Norte                            129
3. Skyline                                138
4. Rancho Bernardo               146
5. La Costa Canyon                155
6. North Canyon                      211
7. La Jolla                                258
8. Crawford                              278
9. Valhalla                                295
10. Mission Vista                      298
11. Costa Mesa                        300
12. Hoover (SD)                       318
13. Salpointe Catholic              366
14. Point Loma                         371
15. Francis Parker                    373
16. St Augustine                       381
17. La Salle                               388
18. Poston Butte                        400
19. Serra                                    438
20. Flowing Wells                       458
21. San Dieguito Academy         486
22. Mater Dei Catholic                490
23. Liberty Charter                      527

Place/Name                   Time

21. Nader Ali                 16:36.8
50. Mandela Matuta      17:19.6
54. Isaq Moalim             17.24.4
102. Erik Cisneros         18:35.1

Junior Boys
Official Team Scores

1. Henry Jackson                        64
2. Mt Carmel                               101
3. Del Norte                                 133
4. Salpointe Catholic                   169
5. Point Loma                              185
6. Catalina Foothills                     199
7. Cienega                                    213
8. Rancho Bernardo                     247
9. Valhalla                                     257
10. Costa Mesa                            289
11. San Dieguito Academy           312
12. Empire                                    320
13. Oceanside                              330
14. High Tech High                       335
15. Santana                                  386
16. Hilltop                                      402
17. Southwest (SD)                       418
18. La Jolla                                    419
19. Hoover (SD)                            423
20. Flowing Wells                          448
21. Serra                                       508
22. Catherdral Catholic                 580
23. Valley Center                           587

Place/Name                               Time

52. Justin Duhimbaze             17:48.6
55. Arturo Sandoval                17:52.2

Sophomore Boys
Official Team Scores

1. La Costa Canyon                         93
2. Rancho Bernardo                         94
3. Crawford                                     139
4. San Dieguito Academy               150
5. Mt Carmel                                   152
6. Cathedral Catholic                      176
7. Pioneer                                       196
8. Del Norte                                     209
9. High Tech (CV)                            231
10. St Augustine                              239
11. Catalina Foothills                       245
12. Serra                                         314
13. Costa Mesa                               330
14. Valhalla                                      355
15. Mission Vista                             388
16. Point Loma                                419
17. La Jolla                                      440
18. Hilltop                                        486
19. St. Bonaventure                        534
20. Guajome Park Academy           536
21. Santana                                     547

 Place/Name                                 Time

7. Alembe Mloko                      17:10.4
13. Ayman Toto                        17:23.3
45. Machumbe Esube              18:12.9
73. Maung Lay                         18:52.6
84. Liban Omar                        19:05.8
130. Obed Bimenyimana          20:25.0
223. Sha Reh                           23:17.3