Colts News · Football & Cross Country Club Conditioning.

November 16 Off-Season Athletic Conditioning for Football (Cross Country TBA)

The SDUSD announced that sports clubs for Football and Cross Country will be available to utilize district outdoor facilities beginning November 16 in preparation for the Season 1 start on December 12.

All parameters for health and safety is based on the guidance from the California Department of Public Health. Click here for: Guidance for Youth Sports.

All Athletes must obtain an AAU insurance card. Cost is $14. If you already have a card for 2020-2021 you don’t need an additional card.

Colts Athletics club code:  WYET63

Why Football, Field Hockey and Cross Country:

  1. Football is a safety concern with regards to other schools lifting weights and conditioning for months and then expecting our students to play against with 10 days of preparation. All conditioning access can happen safely outside.
  2. Allowing for Field Hockey to condition will meet Title IX compliance and is an outside sport so all conditioning access can happen safely outside
  3. Cross Country consists of both boys and girls, is an outside sport so all conditioning access can happen safely outside and will be low maintenance as just the track is utilized.
  4. These are the only teams approved to start phase 1 conditioning, others sports can not be “substituted in” if you do not offer one of these sports.


Why Not Water Polo, Volleyball, Badminton and Cheer:

  1. B&G Water Polo: No access to City of SD pools for conditioning.
  2. B&G Volleyball: We do not have access to our indoor facilities.
  3. B&G Badminton: We do not have access to our indoor facilities.
  4. Competitive Cheer: We do not have access to our indoor facilities (gym and dance rooms). The cheer team that is currently active is sideline cheer.



  1. It is not mandatory for a team, student or coach to participate in conditioning sessions.
  2. This is a voluntary option for a team, student or coach just like it is in a non-COVID year.
  3. No coach will lose their coaching job  if they don’t utilize these conditioning sessions as they are voluntary.
  4. If a coach does not want to participate in conditioning sessions but the school would like to have the sessions for their athletes, then an assistant coach, trainer, athletic director or someone else who is qualified can condition the athletes.  Although this is not an anticipated issue, we have options in place to support if needed.
  5. No student is required to participate in conditioning sessions as a prerequisite to being able to tryout on December 12th when CIF athletics formally begin.



  1. Coaches will utilize and submit a Return to Conditioning Checklist (created in collaboration with the Nursing & Wellness Department) for school site administration approval to ensure coaches have taken the necessary steps with regards to their conditioning sessions.
  2. As employees of the district, coaches are to follow district mandates for employees for things like temperature checks, entrance/exit protocols, notification of any student with symptoms, equipment checks, masks, etc.
  3. Temperature checks for students should be done at home and are part of the clearance process that is submitted daily to coaches.  This is to allow for social distancing and prevention of students clustering together waiting on temperature checks.
  4. If a coach is notified that a student has tested positive for COVID, they should close down conditioning for the day and immediately notify their site administration who will notify the district Nursing & Wellness Department and the Athletics Department.  Once this notification is made, the district Nursing & Wellness Department will immediately step in to provide guidance and next steps.



  1. Conditioning start and end times should be coordinated so that cohorts of students are not entering and exiting at the same time.  As well, there should be one designated point of entrance and a separate designated exit that students follow.  Football will utilize the athletic stadium and Cross Country will use the Baseball Field.
  2. The approved SDUSD coach overseeing conditioning that is listed on the Return to Conditioning Checklist must call in and out to School Police.
  3. Athletes are to wear face masks that cover both their nose and mouth.
  4. Face masks are mandatory when arriving, during participation and exiting all athletic facilities.
    1. The only exception to the mask rule is running: Face masks are not required when social distancing 6-feet apart and the student is running however when students are not running, they must put their mask back on.
  5. All coaches will be required to wear face masks while on campus and throughout the duration of conditioning.
  6. Coaches should stress the importance and need for students to stay 6 feet apart from one another and wear masks that cover their nose and mouth on the way in and out of the facility and until they reach home.
  7. Parents and community members are not allowed to be on site under any circumstance.
  8. Parents and/or guardians may pick up and drop off athletes but must remain in their cars.
  9. Parents must remain in their cars while waiting to pick their athlete(s) up.
  10. No spectators (including parents, children, students and media) will be permitted within any athletic practice/conditioning facility.
  11. Student-Athletes must bring their own labeled water bottle and water may not be shared.
  12. Students and Staff must be physically distanced at all times (6-feet).
  13. One (1) person in the restroom at a time.
  14. Restroom lines must be outdoors and those in the line must be masked and 6-feet apart.
  15. Coaches are responsible for ensuring cohorts stay together for conditioning.
  16. Hand sanitizer and PPE supplies will be utilized by all in attendance and can be acquired from custodial.
  17. Available restrooms will be monitored & sanitized daily.  While custodial is on day shifts, they should clean restrooms in the morning before teams start conditioning later that day.
  18. While custodial is on day shifts, they should sanitize facility and equipment in the morning before teams start conditioning later that day.
  19. Coaches are responsible for ensuring facility and equipment are properly cleaned after each cohort practice.

Additional information will be shared during the parent meeting. There will also be opportunity for questions.