Early Release Procedures



I have outlined procedures below when requesting an “Early Release” to allow everyone to work efficiently.

*Early Releases prior to 1:30pm requires approval from the Athletic Director*

  1. Early Release Request – All request should be sent to VP of Athletics and myself 24 hours in advanced of the time of the request. Any changes to the “Early Release” is not guaranteed that we have time to take care of that if it’s less than 24 hours notice.  Not meeting this requirement is subject to not having an Early Release.  This allows us schedule time to get this completed, verify student clearance/eligibility of your list and send it out.
  2. Font style: Please set your font size to 12 or 14 point and select a font that is clear and legible. No scripts or “fancy fonts” are acceptable.
  3. Subject Header – Please have the subject header formatted: [SPORT] on [DAY], [DATE] @[REQUESTED EARLY RELEASE TIME]
    1. Example: Boy’s Baseball – Early Release on Tuesday, 3/13/18 @1:50PM
  4. Start Verbiage – Please add this line above your list of players. You can literally copy some of the information from you Subject Line on Step 1: Please excuse the following student athletes on [SPORT] on [DAY], [DATE] @[REQUESTED EARLY RELEASE TIME]
  5. List of Players – Please have all players listed in alpha order (by last name) including their Jersey numbers! Your best bet is to pull the list from Home-Campus, copy and paste, and edit/remove names accordingly.  If your team roster is created and up to date, you can also copy from there.  We compare your request list with Home-Campus and can quickly approve and send out that way.
  6. End Verbiage – Add a “Thank you” or something similar along with your signature information.

Upon confirmation of eligible players, we will send out to the staff distribution list and also copy the submitter of the “Early Release” so that you have confirmation it was sent out. Any “Early Release” requests not formatted in the above manner will be returned back to the submitter for corrections and may not be sent out on time.  It is your responsibility as the submitter to follow up with us if you have not received an email of the early release by 11am on the day of the release.

NOTE: You can determined who is “cleared to play and eligible for Early Release” by doing the following on Home-Campus

  1. Click on the [Clearance] located on the left hand side.
  2. Click on the [Sport] in question
  3. Click on [Assign To Team] located on the top right hand side.
  4. Those listed are your student athletes and managers that are cleared to participate and eligible for the Early Release.