RESPECT-Self, Team & School Athletes


Each season at Crawford High School, coaches select a RESPECT-Self, Team & School athlete for their season.  These athletes embody the spirit of Crawford athletics with their dedication, selflessness and ability to motivate and inspire their teams.

Athletes receiving the award, receive a RESPECT-Self, Team & School t-shirt that they can proudly wear and hopefully inspire other athletes on campus.

Fall 2018 RESPECT Athletes

Varsity Football: Javier Rodriguez 

Varsity Football: Gabriel Pineda 

Girls Tennis: Jennifer Urena

Girls Tennis: Tina Tran 

Girls Golf:  Coleen Huynh


Cross Country: Ana Moreno

Cross Country: Byaombe Mloko



Girls Varsity Volleyball: Angel Borac

Girls Varsity Volleyball: Ku Paw


Winter 2018 RESPECT Athletes


Wrestling: Nayeli Perez

Wrestling: Gerardo Pineda


Girls Varsity Soccer:


Boys Varsity Soccer: Eh Paw


Girls Varsity Basketball:


Boys Varsity Basketball:

Spring 2019 RESPECT Athletes


Boys Tennis:

Boys Golf:

Boys Volleyball:

Boys Baseball:


Track & Field: