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RESPECT-Self, Team & School Athletes

RESPECT athletics

Each season at Crawford High School, coaches select a RESPECT-Self, Team & School athlete for their season.  These athletes embody the spirit of Crawford athletics with their dedication, selflessness and ability to motivate and inspire their teams.

Athletes receiving the award, receive a RESPECT-Self, Team & School t-shirt that they can proudly wear and hopefully inspire other athletes on campus.

WINTER 2017 RESPECT Athletes

Boys Soccer: Tin Nguyen

Tin Nguyen embodies perfectly what it means to be a “Respect” athlete. He’s played in a position all year that he’s never played and hasn’t complained once and has gone on with it and excelled. He could have easily complained, but he respects himself enough to be confident in himself and his footballing abilities; he respects his team and school to the point that he’s willing to do whatever it takes for us to be successful.

Nguyen_Tin 2

Girls Soccer: Shell Shell

Shell Shell is selected as RESPECT ATHLETE for the Girls Soccer Team because of her leadership skills.  She arrives early to practices, is always prepared and is willing to put forth the hard work to get the job accomplish.  She is diligent in helping her team members on the playing field or doing class projects/work.  Shell Shell solidified her selection to RESPECT ATHLETE by her outstanding play in the defense.  She shows up for every game and give her best at all times.  Playing as the last defender she controls the defense and is responsible for covering the other three defenders.  As the captain of the team, Shell Shell is responsible for leading warm ups and motivating her team during practices and games; a role that she takes great pride and enjoy doing.


Boys Basketball: Ahmed Bahsane

Ahmed was chosen for the respect athlete due to his leadership skills he portrays on and off the court.  He is our point guard and is a coaches assistant coach on the floor.  He always is respectful to his coaches, teammates and opponents.   It is a pleasure to coach Ahmed.


Girls Basketball: Jenny Chim

Jenny is one of the hardest working student athletes that I have on my team.  As a returner, first year captain, and starting point guard she has one of the toughest jobs on the team but continues to work hard on and off the court.  She is a natural leader who has earned the respect of all of her teammates.


Wrestling: Nayeli Perez

Wrestling would like to nominate Nayeli Perez as our RESPECT athlete. As one of two returners to our team, Nayeli has assumed the leadership roll naturally. She pushes her teammates to work hard through practices and she encourages them at our meets and tournaments. I catch her providing suggestions and correcting the techniques of our newest wrestlers to help them succeed. Her competitive spirit ignites those around her. Always working to be better than yesterday, Nayeli is great example to her peers.


FALL 2016 RESPECT Athletes

Girls Volleyball:  Meairah McElrath


Girls Tennis: Judy Ngo


Football: Ricardo Flores


Cross Country: Erik Cisneros